Picket Against Custodian Abuse and Speak Out Against Cuts to Education

. Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rank and File UW workers, International Workers and Students for Justice (IWSJ), and friends  say...

Picket Manager Yang Sook Choe and the Policies of Custodial Services
Join rank and file custodians as they stand up against the latest attacks by management.

Thursday, Oct. 7th, 2010
, UW Seattle Campus, Red Square

For More Info, email IWSJ.Seattle@gmail.com

Following this picket, as part of the
National Day to Defend Education, the Student Worker Coalition is holding a...
Speak Out/Open-Mic Against the Elite’s Responses to the
Economic Crisis

Thursday, Oct. 7th, 2010
, UW Seattle Campus
Red Square in front of Gerberding Hall

This will be followed by an organizing meeting with the UW Student Worker Coalition.

Background to Custodian Picket:

1) NO Unpaid Overtime
Custodial Manager, Yang Sook Choe, has recently started requiring that custodians in her area stay at their work stations longer, causing them to not be able to clock out until after their shift is over.  This has resulted in forced, unpaid overtime.

2) NO Discrimination
Arriving at work between 4:30 and 5am, many custodians have long used coffee makers and microwaves to make coffee and heat up food during breaks.  All of sudden, manager Choe has mandated that the custodians end their use of these of appliances.  This is clearly a case of discrimination against the lowest paid, primarily immigrant custodial workforce because other staff and faculty at UW have free access to these appliances. 

3) NO Team Cleaning and Retaliation
After custodians in her area spoke out about the overtime and denial of appliance usage, manager Choe retaliated by instituting Team Cleaning, the much-despised form of speed-up that results in injury and exhaustion.