FaDU writes open letter to UAW Bargaining Team

. Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2012

To the members of the UAW Local 4121 Bargaining Team:

    As you have communicated to union membership, negotiations between the University of Washington and UAW Local 4121, representing Academic Student Employees at UW, to secure a strong and fair contract for 2010-2013, have been challenging.  Since bargaining began in early March, 2010, UW management have come to the table with nothing but takeaways for some of their most essential and lowest paid employees.  According to UAW 4121's bargaining updates, UW's position has changed very little, if at all, over the six weeks of bargaining since.  Less than two weeks remain before ASEs' current contract expires.  UW management have made it clear that they have every intention of pushing through draconian working conditions for the people who do half the university's teaching and a large amount of its research.  But they've also made it clear what they fear -- that we, whose work they so depend on, will go on strike....read more HERE.