Fight Against Worker Abuse!

. Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Protest Abuse Against UW Custodians!
Meet Tues. Jan 12 at 3:45PM
15th and Pacific

We will meet there, and march to Health Sciences to tell workers that we support them, and abusive managers that we will not stand for their abuse!

Worker abuse over the last several months has increased; 3 managers have been particularly bad--Andre Vasquez, Yang-Sook Choe, and Allegra Reynolds.  At the end of the quarter, students and workers in solidarity delivered letters to these managers, demanding an end to the abuse and to policies by facility services that damage the health and safety of workers.  We promised we would protest if they did not these demands; we are fulfilling this promise!  These managers' actions are not only a clear violation of university workplace protocol, but are also violations of the American Disabilities Act, and Labor and Industries standards. It is clear that these managers have long and dirty records!

Their abuses include:

    * ongoing police harassment, including daily visits to workplaces by the UWPD, to inquire about workers meeting with one another and with activists.
    * ignoring doctors notes for workers with disabilities seeking accommodation
    * endangering peoples' health and safety by neglecting safety
      standards and refusing to provide the required safety equipment
    * Harassing and retaliating against workers who organize for their rights
    * Publicly humiliating immigrant workers and piling on inhuman amounts of extra work

UW custodians have been abused and retaliated against to a frightening
degree, and as a result, suffer a large number of workplace injuries.
This is also taking an emotional toll on workers, who are increasingly
suffering from depression and anxiety.

Custodians at the University of Washington demand the following:
1. End Special Project Crews
workers on project crews are exposed to unsafe amounts of
chemicals and repeatedly forced to do the most difficult tasks.
2. On swing shift, end extended runs
extended runs have drastically increased custodians’ workloads.
3. End all harassment and retaliation
Workers have been singled out for extra work or managerial
abuse because they meet with each other during their break times.
4. End ‘Team Cleaning’ immediately
‘team cleaning’ is a euphemism for a method tn force workers to
speed up their work pace.

We hope to see you there.  Please contact Democracy Insurgent at for more information.