PUBLIC MEETING Thursday 6 PM 12/10--Suzzalo

. Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear all, please come to another meeting this Thursday at 6 PM to follow up from last week! Also, folks involved in the meetings will be having another round of Red Square Displays Wednesday Dec. 9 from 10AM-1PM! Hope to see you all there! Meeting is called by DI, but this is not a DI meeting; but rather a public meeting on the budget cuts! E-mail for more information.

Public Meeting on upcoming Budget cuts at UW
Dec 10th Thurs
Suzzallo Cafe

The Governor just announced that there is currently a $2.6 billion revenue shortfall. More cuts are coming our way when we return from the break.

This economic crisis has served as an excuse for restructuring and privatizing the university. But who's crisis is it? The same story goes: the most oppressed are affected, while those at the top continue to make big fat paychecks. This means lay offs, speed up and extra work for workers, and tuition hikes and reduced support services for students.

How to build a movement at UW, in Seattle that brings together student, workers and community struggles?

How to combine struggles against racism, heterosexism, patriarchy and ablism in our organizing? No divide and conquer!

This is a broad base meeting involving other groups and individuals.
**We know its nearing finals period, so it will be a short meeting!

Check out our zine on budget cuts at

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