Meeting Dec. 2nd 7 PM, Suzzalo Cafe

. Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Informal discussion on
University of California Struggles and Budget cuts at UW
Dec 2nd, Wed
Suzallo Cafe

Many of us have been excited to see what's been going on in California. Students, workers and community members came together to fight the 32% fee hike and layoffs of workers. In UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSC there have been occupations and protests. The recent events in UC give all us around the nation, a glimpse of how powerful we are when we come together. There are many questions that lie ahead: Will the University of California struggles spread to other campuses in the country? How are administrators, and management going to respond to this? What are the direct action tactics that organizers have used and how can we learn from them? Will these fights be generalized to other workplaces in California, and in the country?

At UW, budget cuts are also happening. The economic crisis has served as an excuse for restructuring and privatizing the university. But who's crisis is it? The same story goes: the most oppressed are affected, while those at the top continue to make big fat paychecks. This means lay offs, speed up and extra work for workers, and tuition hikes and reduced support services for students.

On Wed Dec 2nd at 7pm, members of Democracy Insurgent would like to discuss with all interested folks, how we can work together to organize a more powerful and united front against the privatization efforts of the university.

**We know its nearing finals period, so it will be a short meeting!

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