. Monday, September 7, 2009

Press Advisory Excerpt for Rally September 9th!

WHAT: Last October, a Korean school teacher, academic, and former UW Custodian In Soo Chun took his own life by self-immolating on UW Red Square in front of President Mark Emmert's office in protest to his firing and poor treatment during his 4 years at the University. Since last spring, workers have been fighting against lay offs, shift changes, and safety concerns. On September 9th, In Soo Chun's fellow workers are rallying partially in response to retaliation and abuses by management. In addition to direct retaliation, workers face extra workloads, unsafe working environments due to speed-ups and new cleaning chemicals, and the threat of more firings and lay-offs. Meanwhile, President Emmert, who makes over $906,000/year is getting new perks this fall. Custodians have previously fought alongside students over these cuts; this upcoming rally marks the first in this series of actions slated for this year to include trades folks as well. Both trades and custodians are fighting against the negative impacts of privatization including contracted out work, union busting, speed ups, team or "gang" cleaning, extra runs, and most significantly, unsafe working environments that have led to several injuries and more potential injuries among workers. Additionally, the union contract is currently being negotiated under a veil of secrecy. Both custodians and trades' workers demand the university negotiate in good faith and quit stalling. Students, teaching assistants, custodians, trades, and other workers and unemployed youth will be marching during the dayshift custodians' break at 11 AM from Red Square to the office of Charles Kennedy, assistant director of Facilities Services, near the Husky Union Building.

WHEN: September 9th, 2009 at 11 AM

WHERE: Start in Red Square for a speak out and rally; march to Charles Kennedy's Office,
Facilities Services (Physical Plant Office Building; behind the HUB, adjacent to Hall Health)