Picket Wednesday September 16th! Stop RETALIATION!

. Thursday, September 10, 2009

by Democracy Insurgent; d.insurg@gmail.com

Over the last several weeks, the University has stepped up its attacks on people working against budget cuts and for their jobs. While custodians have continued to meet with students and with eachother, management is increasingly creative, including scheduling meetings during planned rallies, putting workers on "administrative leave" in preparation for firings, isolated custodians who are strong organizers alone in far off buildings, and most recently, using police force to intimidate both students and workers!

We will not stand for this kind of abuse! Come out Wednesday September 16th for compact picket in front of Gerberding Hall, to show UW that this abuse will not stand. This will be a continuation of events from the 9th, and will be building torwards more large actions in the fall! Please join us at 1:30 PM, and let us know if you or your campus/community group wants to get involved in future actions!