Demonstration for Shift Extension

. Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On June 30th, 2009, Custodial Staff and members of Democracy Insurgent! rallied outside of human resources to demand an extension for the shift change of 50 workers from Swingshift to Dayshift. Workers were given incredibly short notice that they would have to start working a different shift on July 6th. DI! shot this video of the action.

Since this rally, the shift changes have indeed happened. Do to the incredibly hard work of custodial staff and allies, 50 swingshift positions were kept, up from an original 8. However, 35 people are still being forced onto dayshift. This means problems with child and family care, conflicts with other jobs, and also speed ups and added work for swing shift staff and disruptive changes in cleaning arrangements for the day shift. Custodians, students, and community members are continuing to fight for fair treatment, equal rights, and in solidarity. Stay posted for more!