Open letter to Gene Woodard

. Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Democracy Insurgent sent this open letter to Gene Woodard, Director of Custodial Services, who is cutting the custodial swingshift under the pretext of budget cuts.

This letter was CCed to the following:
President Mark Emmert, Provost Phyllis Wise, Charles Kennedy (Vice President of Facilities Services), Paul Ramsey (Dean of the School of Medicine), Lawrence Robinson (School of Medicine Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs), John Slattery (School of Medicine Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Education), Martha Somerman (School of Dentistry Dean), Timothy DeRouen (School of Dentistry Associate Dean for Research), Patricia Wahl (Dean of School of Public Health), Eric Staples (reporter at the UW Daily).

Dear Mr. Gene Woodard,

Cuts to custodian’s swingshift will affect the cleanliness of medical facilities and labs in the

Health Sciences buildings

We are members of Democracy Insurgent, a student group at UW involved in fighting against the budget cuts, tuition hikes, and layoffs that the UW administration has accepted and enforced. We are a member group of the Anti-Budget Cuts Coalition. More information about our campaign can be found at:

We are writing to demand that you rescind your decision to cut the custodian swingshifts. We believe that if you do not, your actions will affect the cleanliness and reputation of the Health Sciences labs and medical facilities. We are inclined to take the following actions listed at the end of this letter to expose this fact to the broader community. This could have the potential of negatively affecting the reputation of various UW medical institutions and research labs.

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