Letter of support from Cesare Casarino

. Friday, April 29, 2005

To the strike organizers:

In brief, I would like to offer my support in whatever way I can. If there is a petition circulating, I will sign it: please, let me know where I may be able to find it. If money is needed, I will send you a modest contribution (all the more modest--I'm afraid--since I have contributed to support several similar struggles lately); in which case, please, let me know how I may send it to you. If there is something else that you think I could do, let me know what that is, and I will do considering doing it in addition to all of the above. Thank you. And, above all, I wish you all the best with the strike.

In solidarity,


Cesare Casarino
Professor of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
CSCL, 235 Nicholson Hall
216 Pillsbury Drive S.E.
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455